Hi, I’m Carl Nätterdal 

User Experience & Interaction Designer with an eye for the visual

Twitch – Interactive Extensions

Project: Exploring the potential of creating and motivating active participation within game streams.
Target User: Live-stream viewers
Goal: Create interactive stream overlays prototypes untop of the current Twitch UI and exploring possibilities of different types of on-screen interactions that can promote active participation.
Role: Researcher, UI, UX, Interaction Designer

For this project, me and another designer had the amazing opportunity to work with Twitch.tv and tasked with exploring the newly released extensions. Extensions was created in order to allow viewers to actively participate and get more engaged while watching a live stream. We worked in an iterative manner to see what types of extensions & interactions could be created, how we can motivate viewers to partcipate and what to think about when designing for on-screen interactions.

Case Study
Movie Go

Project: Movie Ticket Booking App
Target User: People who wants to easily book tickets via mobile app
Goal: Simplifying the process of booking movie tickets, optimizing for speed and reducing redundant steps
Role: UI, UX & Interaction Designer

The idea behind this application is from my own experiences with movie booking application here in Sweden. What I noticed was that the process of booking a ticket on the mobile app was unnecessaryly long, with many redudant pop-ups and steps. I tried to look at the current process by breaking down the core functionalities to build a new application. I also tried to streamline the process by removing the unnecessary functionalities while focusing selecting a movie and the ease of booking a ticket.

Case Study

Project: Gifting Application
Target User: People that wants to show appreciation to their close ones
Goal: Making it a convinient to send smaller gifts through a mobile app
Role: UI, UX and Interaction Designer

We saw that there was no solution on the market to show appreciation to people we want to thank a little extra! With in mind, I aimed to make it easy to send smaller gifts to people you care about in a mobile solution. This is done through gifting them a “Wrapp”, which can be something simple like a cup of coffe or a cookie. The recipient can then show the QR code in the store to get the item they were gifted.

Case Study

Understanding users, their goal and the focus of the application is perhaps one of the most important aspect of being an UX designer. This also means iterating the design is very important as new information appears. Because you can not create a great design if you do not understand the people who will be using your application and the issues that you are trying to solve.


I firmly believe that just like with good food, a great user experience starts with the visual presentation. However, at the same time the visual is only one part of the user experience, the application needs to be simple to use and easy to understand. Which is why I always aim to create a delightful design which is both aesthetically pleasing as well as intuitive to use.


Great designs is something that requires more than a great designer, it requires a great team. By listening and learning from other people, we can discuss, reflect and explore interesting aspects that one might not have thought of by themselves. In order to create something amazing for the user, the first step is to broaden our own horizons.

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